Saturday, July 16, 2022

Indian Army Corps of Guides - Unit #1


The Indian Army Corps of Guides was raised in 1846 to serve on the Northwest Frontier.  It quickly developed as one of the elite units of the Indian Army.  It was composed of both Hindu and Moslem troops.  In 1947, upon the partition of India and Pakistan, the Corps was assigned to the Pakistani Army and still exists as the 2nd Battalion (The Guides) of the Frontier Force Regiment.

This unit is composed of Foundry figures from NW014 and NW021.  Unfortunately Foundry had them all sculpted with full beards so this unit (and its #2, still being painted) will be all Hindu.

The 1st Company, led by Leftenant Manly-Jones (center with pistol) and seconded by Havildar Ranjit Singh (right rear with rifle at the carry).

I think this is one of the most distinctive group of figures that I've painted.  The contrasts of browns and tans set off by the red "cap" and cuff markings make the entire uniform stand out.

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