Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lion Rampant Battered Markers

We had our first Lion Rampant game today (report to be forthcoming).  To get ready for the game, I wanted some nice looking "battered" markers for my units.  Through the generosity of several wargamers who sent me a varied collection of shields and weapons, I constructed my markers.

I recall seeing pointed oblong wooden pieces at my local Ace Hardware store.  As unusual the friendly sales associate knew exactly what I meant and pointed me to the wood joining biscuits.

These wooden biscuits are used to join two flat pieces of wood but the make excellent bases for various markers.  I spray painted them flat brown, glued on green flock, and then attached the shields and weapons that I had painted.  After a good spraying with a maximum hold hair spray, I glued small washers to the underside to give them some weight. 
Markers just placed in front of a unit of 25mm knights (mounted men-at-arms).

Close-up of the finished products.

I think they will work very well not only for Lion Rampant but for any medieval game where one needs to show a unit that has lost cohesion.
Again thanks to my much appreciated benefactors!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Southern Hold Garrison Archers

As I continue to prepare for my first game of Lion Rampant, I've been adding to and updating the painting of a number of previously unfinished units.

These archers form part of the garrison of the Southern Hold, a castle and desmense in the southern part of the Duchy of Bentwood, my Medieval imagi-nation.  They are a mix of Miniature Figurines and other vintage manufacturers.

Four of the figures were painted a long time ago, six of the remaining eight are freshly painted, and the last two have had some repainting and touch-up done.  The unit leader is the archer on the front left of the first row.

Other updated and newly painted units will be joining them over the coming two weeks.