Monday, February 28, 2011

Classic Wargames Building Tutorial

I just discovered this amazing tutorial on making a classic wargames building on the Lead Gardens blog.  Littlejohn has done a very detailed but simple to follow tutorial.  I hope that my readers get as much use out of it as I plan on doing.

Tutorial link


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gallian Canadien Militia Unit #1

After a lengthy period of dabbling, I finally finished the first 20-figure unit of my Gallian Canadien militia for the Gallian (French) and Indian War period.  Except for the officer, these are Old Glory Courier de Bouis figures.  The officer in a spare Dayton Painting Consortium (ex-London Warroom) Spanish officer.  I've glued an extra musket into his hand.

Composed of 1 officer (center), 1 sergeant, and 18 militia.
I also painted the militia commander, Senior Captain Padraig Pelham (named after my late brother, Patrick).  He is also a Dayton Painting Consortium Spanish officer.

Waving his hat, Senior Captain Padraig Pelham urges his men forward against the "Rosbifs"
My grand painting scheme - to have all my imagi-nation 18th Century figures painted by May of 2012 - has been derailed by life.  When I developed this scheme and reported on it back in November 2010 (link and link), I didn't expect that my wife's second broken leg in five months (first was back in June 2010) would have a significant impact on our family dynamic.  Evidently I had forgotten already the trials and tribulations from her first broken leg.  I found that my painting time and energy was severely curtailed as I cared for her and shouldered her share of the food preparation and house keeping, as well as continued with my own share.  That has only slightly decreased as she has progressed in her recovery.  So, to make a long story short, my grand scheme has been completely discombobulated (that's a Southern expression meaning really truly all messed up).  I'll continue to follow the order that I established, but the goal of painting 24 infantry or 12 cavalry or their equivalent per week has been blown.