Thursday, April 6, 2017

Amusette for Staffeldunkel Jagers

The Jager Corps Staffeldunkel of the Margraviate of Carpania has added some additional firepower - an amusette!  Manned by two volunteers from the corps, the amusette should prove useful to the corps as it acts as part of either the advanced guard or the rear guard for the Carpanian field force.

Amusette 2-man crew with Major Staffeldunkel

Rear view of the amusette

Another rear view with Major Staffeldunkel supervising the firing

The amusette is a Fife and Drum Miniatures piece (# AE-006).  I obtained it from Der Alte Fritz some time ago and have just gotten around to painting it.  The crew are in the green uniform of the Staffeldunkel jagers with Britannian light dragoon helmets procured by the major so the team can be more distinctive.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Order of Tandem Limber Horses?

I am almost finished with the limber and horses for the Fife and Drum AE-005 limber but I'm not sure of the order in which the two horses should be placed.  There is no picture in the Fife ad Drum/Minden web store to help.  Should the ridden horse come in front or should it be in back close to the limber?

Ridden horse in front?

Or ridden horse in back close to the limber?
So, what is the wisdom of the "hive mind?"

Many thanks,