Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Flying the (Not So) Friendly Skies

Col Campbell has gone into the aeronautics business, obtaining a large horde of Wings of War/Wings of Glory WW1 aircraft.  I ran my first game last Saturday with some of our gaming club.  There were six players (3 Allied and 3 German) who each controlled two fighters.  After a brief "basic pilot's school" they went to "Fly the Friendly Skies" of 1918 France.

Here are some of the pictures I took during the game.  Please click on them to get a larger image.

A British Sopwith Snipe smokes after taking fire from a German Albatros.

The "Red Baron" dodges Rickenbacker's SPAD XIII while another Albatros seeks a foe.

One of the first casualties, a British Sopwith Snipe

Planes speeding by each other as they try to outmaneuver the foe.

Rene Fonck's SPAD XIII goes down.

More swirling planes trying to get a bead on the foe.

The Allies are starting to look outnumbered in this "furball"

And Rickenbacker goes down with an engine fire and severe rudder damage.
It was a learning game for everyone, including me as game master, but everyone seemed to have fun trying to outfly their opponents.

We'll definitely be trying this again, maybe using either some 2-seaters in a light bombing or recon role or some of the "giant" bombers I got.


Martin said...

Can a Zeppelin be far behind?!

Tomo said...

A simple game with beautiful models :) Kudos on the Pipe Cleaner smoke trail!

Michael Mathews said...

Tough day for the aces. Looks like it was a hoot!

James said...

Thanks for posting these games. They seem like a lot of fun.