Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Project - Figures to be Painted

Ed of Hesse Fedora asked in the last post how many figures I'll be painting in my project towards a Big Battalions game at the 2012 Bayou Wars convention.  I've made up a painting schema so I can track my progress.  From that schema I have the following troops and equipment to paint.  These figures include some of the figures I'll be painting for the French & Indian Wars game I'll be running at the 2011 Bayou Wars convention.

          2 mounted officers
     476 infantry
     119 cavalry
       52 gunners, 10 guns, and 8 limbers (each with 1 or 2 horses plus a drover)

         4 mounted officers
    528 infantry
    120 cavalry
      51 gunners, 6 guns, and 6 limbers ( each with 1 or 2 horses plus a drover)

If I can acquire the appropriate Miniature Figurines Seven Years War figures at not too high a price, I'll paint the following additional forces:

         2 mounted officers
      24 infantry
      48 cavalry

      36 cavalry


Bluebear Jeff said...

That, Jim, is a lot of figures.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Indeed - but so promising!

Not a single Free Corps or Legion in 'original' uniforms of Col. Campbell's own design?

ColCampbell50 said...

Jeff -- Yes it is, but that's why I'm starting so early.

Jean-Louis -- Campbell's Mercenary Highland Legion (in the pay of Carpania) will add 24 infantry, 16 cavalry, and 3 guns with crews. Plus Carpania will add a second company to the Warsteiner Freikorps.


Ed said...

Wow! That will take some real discipline, but will look marvelous.

Ed v H-F