Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Royal Aooghastan Cavalry

Although not finished in time for the 2nd play test of the Assault on Fort Khalaam, this troop of cavalry will join forces with the Haddabiera tribe on Saturday at my Bayou Wars convention game.

Consisting of 12 Lyzard Grin Sikh cavalry, this troop of the Royal Aooghastan cavalry presents a formidable appearance. Armed with a mix of swords and carbines, the unit is patterned after Royal Afghanistan cavalry portrayed in the Osprey North West Frontier: 1837-1947 book. They are dressed in dark cherry red tunics, charcoal black trousers, and black boots and head dresses. I also tried to simulate a bamboo standard pole by painting darker brown rings. For a first try, it looks OK.

But will their dashing appearance also mean they will do well on the miniature battlefield? We'll find out on Saturday.


Fitz-Badger said...

Nice! Great colors and the bamboo effect works well.

Martin said...

Hey Col.,

Isn't it pronounced, aOOGHAstan?! (While doing one's best imitation of a Bombay Taxi Horn?)

Great looking troopies that I'm sure will do great deeds on the tabletop!


Gallia said...

Hi Jim
I tried to copy Peter Gilder's style. No. Simulate might be a better word.
1. I put on a very thick rings of leather brown paint. When this dried, the paint was noticeably higher. Usually. Good so far.
2. Last step was to put a thinner band of dark brown around the center of the upraised paint.
See Campaigns of General Pettygree blog here:
find Chapter 9's last photo dated 15 February 2009. Click and enlarge to see the above.

ColCampbell50 said...


Yes, that is the correct pronunciation and exactly why we chose it as the name for our fictitious "Pathan" territory.


I'll have to try your suggestion next time I need to paint bamboo spears/lances. Thanks.