Monday, June 29, 2009

Major Robert Rogers

Last week after I had finished the Royal Aooghastan Cavalry (see previous posting), I decided that I wanted to take a special figure to my friend Larry Brom's French and Indian War game on Friday (June 26) at Bayou Wars. So I dug around in my F&IW box and pulled out the Conquest Miniatures Rangers pack that contains Major Robert Rogers. Just the figure that I needed.

Here he is, with his "fice" dog posed in some terrain provided by Larry Reeves, a fellow Jackson Gamer. Although the picture is a little on the "fuzzy side" (I didn't have my tripod) it does show the good major in his set of varied green Ranger rig.

There will be more detailed postings over the next several days about the convention and some of the games in which I played, as well as a report about the Assault on Fort Khalaam game that I ran (which turned out rather well).


Fitz-Badger said...

Ah, that reminded me of the old Spencer Tracy film about Roger's Rangers. I had nearly forgotten about that movie and only have vague recollections of it. But it was my introduction to Roger's Rangers.

Giles said...

Very nice - love the dog!

Best wishes