Monday, June 22, 2009

Assault on Fort Khalaam - 2nd Play Test

On Saturday, June 20, I ran the second of two play tests of my scenario, The Assault on Fort Khalaam, that I will use during our local regional war gaming convention, Bayou Wars. This fight was slightly different from the earlier one. I had added three additional Haddabiera infantry units to the force mix. The photos below (please click for enlarged versions) document some of the fighting including the actual assault on the fort by the Highlanders.

Action on right flank as Highlanders and Hussars engage Haddabiera spearmen and artillery in the rough ground while Haddabiera cavalry attack the Hussars.

On left flank, two Bengal lancer scouts discover another Haddabiera gun while the Ghurkhas and Indian infantry are ready to engage.

And the rest of the Bengal lancers await in support.

Village of Khalaam occupied by an Indian mountain battery supported by two Indian infantry platoons.

After driving away the Haddabiera spearmen and cavalry, the Highlanders close on and capture the gun, killing the remaining crew. In the distance, the remnants of the Hussar troop attempt to pursue the fleeing Haddabiera spearmen and cavalry.

More Haddabiera appear on the left flank as the Bengal lancers, Ghurkhas, and Indian infantry advance. The two scouts are trying to overrun the Haddabiera gun after its crew was shot down, but the plucky Ivan Skavinsky Skavar pots one of the lancers with his pistol and the other rallies back to the main body.

With a tower breached and the gateway battered down, two Highland platoons assault the fort which is defended by Haddabiera riflemen, a clan leader, and the Emir. A few Haddabiera stragglers attempt to interrupt the attack but with no success.

Close-up of the two assaults. The tower was unoccupied, allowing those Highlanders to penetrate into the fort. The attack on the gateway was initially beaten back, with the attackers rallying back on the main body.

Another overview of the storming of the fort.

And yet another overview of the storming of the fort.

The last remaining Bengal lancer, a sergeant, charges some Haddabiera warriors. He defeated the three on the ground level but as he attempted to spur his mount up the hill, he was shot from the saddle. Skavar can be seen on an upper level behind the deserted gun. He was able to "draft" helpers from the tribesmen on the hill and did cause a few more Indian and Ghurkha casualties before the Haddabiera unit fled the field after suffering tremendous losses from the Indian rifle fire.

Overview of the center of the battlefield at the end of the fighting. The Indian infantry and mountain battery completely dominated this sector, shooting up all the Haddabiera who came within range, especially those who were trying to cross over to get to the fort. This is where some additional cover will be needed in the convention game.

Another overview, this time of the entire battlefield. Ivan Skavinsky Skavar is fleeing along the back of the watchtower hill. The last two Haddabiera infantry units in the center are sorely pressed by the Indians, and, in the distance, the Highlanders have taken the fort.

This was an interesting scenario to develop as I had to balance the force compositions so that both sides would have a chance of winning. With the addition of another plot of broken terrain in the center rear of the Haddabiera side of the table, the scenario should be a good one. I'll post a report of what happens at Bayou Wars sometime next week.

If you are there in New Orleans on Saturday, June 27, drop by the Radisson Hotel on Veterans Blvd in Kenner and say, "Hi!" I'll be in a yellow 1st Cavalry Division baseball cap.


Capt Bill said...

Not my period, but I love the battle report and photos...

npaulajr said...

The French and Indian war game was one the best I have played. Being on winning side helped. Second game (Assualt on Fort Khalaam)very good. I am the one who pulled your chair out from under you. Pure accident, not because I was on wrong side.