Thursday, June 18, 2009

Haddabiera Fanatics

The final foot unit for my Haddabiera tribe has now been completed. It will be a unit of "fanatics" armed with many swords and knives and a few muskets.

The flag is homemade. I again used an on-line translation site to come up with the slogan. In Arabic, it is supposed to read:

There is only one God
Muhammed is His prophet
Death to the infidels

The figures are some I bought from the now out-of-business London War Room. They are actually Lyzard Grin Sikh warriors, but I have "enlisted" them in my quasi-Pathan tribe - the Haddabiera.

Now all I have left to paint before the convention next weekend is a 12-figure unit of Royal Aooghastan cavalry. I was able to get them primed this morning so painting can commence tonight.


Fitz-Badger said...

Cool! Like something right out of the old movies, like Gunga Din or Lives of a Bengal Lancer (or Laurel and Hardy's Bonnie Scotland)

Brooklyn scribe said...

Hi Colonel Campbell,

Enjoy reading your TSATF NWF gaming adventures, and also about the homemade construction of your Pathan hill fortress. I see here you have finished up a unit of "fanatics" for use in future games. Want to share my own "house rules" for NWF TSATF Ghazi Fanatics, which I've been using in TSATF games for close to the entire 30 years they've been on the market...

Any time a Ghazi/fanatic is WOUNDED, roll one D6. If it comes up an ODD number, he is in fact wounded and out of action (except for death lunges at passing enemies) but if it comes up an EVEN number, the target figure shakes off the wound and continues on, unaffected.

If you want to lessen the dramatic impact of this rule, you can apply it only in melee combat and not in small arms or artillery fire, but we apply it at all times. The one balancing effect is that our Ghazi/fanatic units are made up entirely of swordsmen, with no jezail or captured Snyder-Enfield armed riflemen whatsoever, so these units have terribly ferocious melee power but no missile power whatsoever.