Saturday, March 28, 2015

Lion Rampant Game

It is been some time since we played this game using the newly released Lion Rampant rules.  Finally I have some time to make the game report.

Six of us gathered on February 21 at my church's Fellowship Hall.  The Duke of Bentwood and his allied vassals were attempting to put down an uprising of several of his discontented vassals.  The scenario we used was the first one in the rule set, called "Bloodbath" which was a straightforward fight between the two sides.  Each player had a 24-point retinue.  For the most part, the figures are all vintage Miniature Figurines, Scruby, Ral Partha, and other 1970s and 1980s manufacturers.

Bentwood - Alex K. (Bentwood Castle guard), Jay S. (Lord Sterling) (Kilgarren Castle guard), and Phil Y (Cove Hold guard).

Rebels - Bill H. (Teutobergerwald), Ed S. (Men of Haven and the Dale), and Sean P (High Tor Keep).

I think I'll just let the pictures speak for them selves.  Unless otherwise indicated, the photos were taken by me.  Please click on them for a larger image.

The Bentwood commanders - Alex, Jay, and Phil - deploy their retinues.

Two of the rebel commanders - Sean and Bill - deploy their retinues.  I initially commanded the third rebel retinue (on the far end) until Ed arrived.

Phil smiles as he hopes Ed's retinue is falling into his trap.  The Doctor observes the advance of Ed's mounted sergeants.
One of Ed's foot sergeant unis advances.  Led by "Boudicea" (blue cloak), this mixed figure unit acquitted itself fairly well in the battle.  [photo by Ed]
Sean's foot retinue advances in the center.  In the distant, Alex's right flank retinue is visible.
Another view of the center and left of the rebels as they attack the Duke's forces.  Sean's retinue is laid out with a two expert foot yeomen units and a foot sergeant unit in the first line (right to left)  and a foot archer unit and expert foot sergeant unit in the second line (right to left).  Beyond Sean's left are several of Bill's Teutobergerwald units.  Opposite them are units of Alex's right flank and Jay's center of the Duke's army.  [photo by Ed]
Ed's mounted sergeants run into the very accurate bolts of Phil's crossbowmen.  The pointed oval marker behind the two  mounted sergeants left alive denotes that they are battered.  See previous post for how I made these.

Bill's left flank Teutobergerwald retinue advances against Alex's forces.
Bill's Teutobergerwald foot sergeants have tangled with Alex's "blue" mounted men-at-arms.  Bill's unit was in schiltron formation which gives it an advantage in defense, especially against mounted troops.  Both sides lost one man, but Alex's mounted unit had to retire from the action since they didn't break Bill's schiltron.  The gold rings around selected figures indicate the individual unit "commander."  [photo by Ed]

A closer view of Bill's Teutobergerwald schiltron.  These are vintage Miniature Figurines figures.  [photo by Ed]
Sean's and Bill's rebels start to mix it up with Alex's and Jay's "loyalists."

Bill's mounted men-at-arms move over a hill and discover Alex's foot sergeants who immediately form a schiltron against them.

One of Alex's mounted men-at-arms units moves around a hedge to get at the rebels.

While Alex's "blue" mounted men-at-arms are re-grouping, his "red" mounted men-at-arms units are attacking one of Bill's mounted men-at-arms units.  In the distance by the hedge, one of Jay's mounted men-at-arms units (light blue) is attacking a unit of Sean's retinue. 

And Jay's "light blue" mounted men-at-arms slam home against Sean's expert foot sergeants with their great battle axes, while one of Bill's Teutobergerwald foot sergeant units looks on.

At the end of the fight (which lasted 6 turns, if I remember correctly), the losses were:

Duchy of Bentwood (15 units) - 4 destroyed, 4 battered, 7 still in fight

Rebels (15 units) - 7 destroyed, 2 battered, 6 still in fight.

So the Duke of Bentwood can claim this as a victory but the rebels will be continuing the fight against him.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cove Hold Household Men-at-Arms

The county of Cove Hold is one of the domains of my imaginary medieval country of the Duchy of Bentwood.  The count is a loyal supporter of the Duke and maintains both a household guard and a county guard troop.  The household guard has been raised already as were three of the six county guard.  The other three county guard were completed tonight.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I bring you the green clad Cove Hold household guard and county guard.

The Count of Cove Hold (center) with his household guard

The county guard of Cove Hold

The household guard are a mix of Miniature Figurines and Ral Partha figures, while the county guard are old Heritage figures on a mix of Heritage and Ral Partha horses.

Both of these mounted men-at-arms troops are part of the larger Cove Hold retinue (for the Lion Rampant rules) which will be featured on future postings.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mounted Men-at-Arms (Medieval)

I just completed nine mounted men-at-arms (knights) for my 25mm medieval forces.  These knights can be used for either the venerable Rules by Ral or the newer Lion Rampant rules.

The first batch are three knights are to round out several units.  The other six are a new unit.  Please click on the pictures for larger images.

Two Miniature Figurine mounted knights flank a Teutonic knight from an unknown manufacturer.  Both banners are hand-painted over a pre-printed banner.

A unit of six knights, all from the same unknown manufacturer, will be led by the guy in the bright yellow outfit and the duck on his helmet (le Baron de Canard).

EDIT:  Thanks to Nic and Daryl on The Miniatures Page, it appears that the "Teutonic" knight and the six in the second picture are probably all Essex figures.
I have three more knights to paint to bring another unit up to strength, then its on to some venerable 25mm Scruby Napoleonic French infantry to start getting ready for a play test in May of the scenario I'll be using at our regional convention, Bayou Wars, whose theme is "1215(Rochester/Manga Carter)/1415 (Agincourt)/1615(Osaka)/1815(Waterloo)."  My scenario will involve the Prussian pursuit of Grouchy's wing after the fighting at Wavre, as I have it planned now.  I'm also seriously thinking about a 1415-ish game, probably using Lion Rampant rules, involving actions either before or after Agincourt.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lion Rampant Battered Markers

We had our first Lion Rampant game today (report to be forthcoming).  To get ready for the game, I wanted some nice looking "battered" markers for my units.  Through the generosity of several wargamers who sent me a varied collection of shields and weapons, I constructed my markers.

I recall seeing pointed oblong wooden pieces at my local Ace Hardware store.  As unusual the friendly sales associate knew exactly what I meant and pointed me to the wood joining biscuits.

These wooden biscuits are used to join two flat pieces of wood but the make excellent bases for various markers.  I spray painted them flat brown, glued on green flock, and then attached the shields and weapons that I had painted.  After a good spraying with a maximum hold hair spray, I glued small washers to the underside to give them some weight. 
Markers just placed in front of a unit of 25mm knights (mounted men-at-arms).

Close-up of the finished products.

I think they will work very well not only for Lion Rampant but for any medieval game where one needs to show a unit that has lost cohesion.
Again thanks to my much appreciated benefactors!


Monday, February 9, 2015

Southern Hold Garrison Archers

As I continue to prepare for my first game of Lion Rampant, I've been adding to and updating the painting of a number of previously unfinished units.

These archers form part of the garrison of the Southern Hold, a castle and desmense in the southern part of the Duchy of Bentwood, my Medieval imagi-nation.  They are a mix of Miniature Figurines and other vintage manufacturers.

Four of the figures were painted a long time ago, six of the remaining eight are freshly painted, and the last two have had some repainting and touch-up done.  The unit leader is the archer on the front left of the first row.

Other updated and newly painted units will be joining them over the coming two weeks.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hunt for the Dingus - A Pulp Alley Game

Today (Saturday, Jan 17), I introduced our gaming group to Dave and Mila Phipps' wonderful "Pulp Alley" rules.  Since I thought we could have a large number of players and this would be the first all except one other player and I have played the rules, I reduced the leagues down to just three characters - leader, sidekick, and ally.  Well, I'm glad I did because I had 8 gamers show for the game.

To start things off, I did a double-blind league designation, putting one playing card with each league's figures and statistics sheet and making the players pick another card that would match one of the leagues.  This generated a thoroughly random (or at least as random as I decided I wanted to do) match of player to league.  I tried to develop the leagues as best as I could, mixing different abilities across the entire spectrum available to me.  I think I got some interesting mixes, but I won't go into any detail about who had what ability, etc.

Leagues were (in no particular order):  Karlotta's Krew (played by my son, Sean), Rotekapelle Bund (played by Mike C., a new addition to our group), Knights of the Crescent Moon (played by Phil Y.), The Jungle Lord (played by Ed S.), Alan Haggard's Exploring Party (played by Alex K.), Squire Bergholt's Retinue (played by Larry C.), The Warlord's Retinue (played by Jay S.), and Cara Loft's Party (played by Russ S.).

The objective of the game to find the Dingus which would make the player rich beyond his wildest imagination (well, maybe not Han Solo's).

Once I went through the rules, we started play.  These pictures will give my readers an idea of what went on during the game although I couldn't get a shot of everything that happened.  Having 24 characters controlled by 8 players scattered across the board and having to be game master and arbiter really taxed my ability to take pictures.  But all aside, here we go!

The center of the adventure area was the "Well of Souls" with the major plot point, the Dingus (actually a shrouded head on a pole just to the right of the red golf tee.  Players had to control a minor plot point before they could find and then attempt this major plot point.  My Buddha head is across the perilous stream from it.  The tardis and Dr. Who figure are there just for kicks, having no impact of the game.

One of the minor plot points was a highly decorated jug (the blue one behind the red golf tee) containing a map to the Well of Souls.  It was in the unoccupied native village.  Note - the huts are card miniature bird houses I got from Michael's Craft Store many years ago.  They have portrayed native huts in many a game.

Another plot point was this open chest of treasure located in a patch of woods.  Unfortunately for the Knights of the Crescent Moon who seized it, it was a valueless and worthless plot point.  Oh well, dem's da misfortunes o' life!

A third minor plot point was the local trader at his trading post.  He could guide the team if properly persuaded to the Dingus.

The fourth plot point located in an old ruin was a chest containing another map and instructions on how to get to the Lost Well of Souls.

The final plot point was a wandering missionary.  When successfully challenged he would agree to point out the way to the Well of Lost Souls.

 I was going to use a small bust of Napoleon that I bought at Waterloo several decades ago as the Initiative Marker, but I decided this figure was a better one.  It is an Egyptian god figure given to me several years ago by a co-worker as a souvenir of a trip her mother and she made to Egypt.  It definitely fits a pulpy adventure!

First blood is taken by the Warlord's Retinue (Leader is Captain Chang, the bald headed guy on left.) as his ally, Private Jin, bites the dust.  But Jin recovered at the end of the turn and came back to the action.  In fact, I think he recovered several times during the game as he was a favorite target of one or two other leagues.

Ruby Mae, sidekick in Karlotta's Krew, attempts to seize control of a plot point.  She couldn't pass the challenge on the first try.

Oberleutnant Wulfe, leader of the Rotekapelle Bund, persuades the trader to show him to the Well of Lost Souls by wildly firing his Bermann submachinegun.  The trader agreed as long as Wulfe stopped filling his trading post full of holes.

Karlotta, on left, joins Ruby Mae and successfully seized the chest.  Opening it, she finds the map to the Well of Lost Souls.

Cara Loft, the "tomb raider" herself, finds the highly decorated pot containing another map to the Well of Lost Souls.

Charlie Reynolds, ally in Cara Loft's Party, gingerly dips a toe into the perilous stream.  As sidekick Tommy Gilhooley laughingly looks on, a crocodile breaks the surface of the water.  But Charlie deftly shoots him and survives the challenge.

Tommie activates next and decides to cross the stream since he mistakenly thinks Charlie has cleared the path.  But an angry hippo objects.  Charlie tosses a whiskey bottle down his throat and hurriedly clears the stream.

Oh, no!  Karlotta has been knocked on her keester by a sheet of flying lead from several different characters.  She drops the chest but Ruby Mae, her sidekick, and Arnauld ("He's a brute!"), her ally, are right there to make sure no one else can get it before they do.

Over by the trading post, Ursula (George of the Jungle's sidekick) decides that Achmed. leader of the Knights of the Crescent Moon, has leered at her too many times and charges him.  Their brawl is inconclusive.

Poor old Tommie just can't stay away from the animals.  He drunkenly wanders too close to another perilous area and a huge constrictor comes slithering out.  But Tommie successfully evades the snake's challenge.

Finally, Cara crosses the stream.  Another crocodile attempts to take a nip from what he supposed was a dainty morsel.  But Cara's too quick for him and lightly dances away, carrying her plot point with her.

Back by the trading post, George of the Jungle (the leader) rushes in to avenge the insults to his Ursula. He knocks ally Chigaru on his keester.

Then the next turn, George, Ursala, and Kwame (George's ally) team up and smack the Knights around, knocking down sidekick Sibola and ally Chigaru.  But they ran out of steam before they could get around to leader Achmed.

The final turn's actions see Cara (back by the Well of Lost Souls) successfully take the Dingus.  Captain Chang and Sergeant Hung (with sword), along with Cara's ally Charlie Reynolds cover her daring-do.  The Squire of Bergholt (leader of his retinue), accompanied by the missionary who he had persuaded to help him, try to cross the stream in the face of another angry hippo.  In the background are some of the other players' characters.  The only crew of which I didn't get pictures (totally my fault) was Alan Haggard's Exploring Party.  Haggard is a "Great White Hunter" and was shooting just about everyone around him but with little avail.
So that was the game.  Cara Loft's Party won by seizing a minor plot point and the major plot point.  Captain Chang's Warlord's Retinue had allied with Cara and received some of the riches (but probably not enough!).  Squire Bergholt, Karlotta, and Oberleutnant Wulfe all seized minor plot points.  Achmed of the Knights of the Crescent Moon, George of the Jungle, and Alan Haggard didn't get anything, unfortunately.  But that will just make them try harder next time!
A few questions arose during the game, but a quick perusal of the rules found the answer to almost all of them.  The answers to one or two questions were decided by the game master's (me) fiat, which I later determined by reading through the Pulp Alley Forum to be correct in every way (as I pat myself on the back!).  We'll definitely be playing this again!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Beginning Work on the Royal Ecossais

Saturday afternoon and evening I undercoated the first two 12-figure companies of the Gallian Regiment Royal Ecossais.  I used a white undercoat this time instead of my normal gray since I think their blue coats with red facings will stand out better.  I hope to begin actually brushing some paint on them tonight.

Eventually the regiment will total six 12-figure companies (using the large organization in the Batailles d'la Ancien Regime rules by Bill Protz.  I'm using the Old Glory castings so everyone will be wearing a Scottish bonnet.

Example of painted Royal Ecossais figures from the Old Glory web site.
That is, as many of you know, entirely "wrong," but they are my imagi-nation troops and I'm part Scottish in my ancestry so even the Jacobite Scots exiles wear the bonnet in my armies (He says with a big smile!). 

I do have one question - should the musicians be in the French royal livery (as a royal regiment) or in reversed colors as depicted in the Old Glory web site painted example?  Kronoskaf states that information is not available.

More later, with some pictures.