Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Father's Day Present to Myself

Last week I came across a group of painted Prussian jaegers for the Franco-Prussian War. They were Wargames Foundry figures and were already mounted for Larry Brom's Chassepot and Needlegun rules, which is what we use in the Jackson Gamers. The opening bid was low and since I have wanted a battalion of jaegers, I went ahead and submitted a bid. And lo and behold!, I was the only bidder. So I got them for about $2.00 a figure, including shipping. Can't beat that with a stick, as we say here in the South.

I received them yesterday (Wednesday) after a quick shipping from Massachusetts to Mississippi. When I opened the box and unwrapped the first stand from its protective cocoon of bubble-wrap, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the paint job. I hope that quality comes out in these pictures.

As usual, Foundry has done a good job with the figures and the unit includes an officer, a bugler, and 22 jaegers in a variety of poses.

Here's a close-up of the officer, bugler, and a couple of jaegers.

These jaegers will be very useful in providing support to my two regiments of Prussian infantry that I have so far. Now all we have to do is schedule a game sometime soon so they have a chance to "show their stuff!"


Andrew said...

A Father's Day present to yourself?? We can do that? :)

I don't collect 19th century stuff, but I do like looking at what you're doing here.

Gallia said...

Hi Jim,
Years ago, in the late 70s, Pat Condray did a series of FPW articles in his The Armchair General. I may have those around here someplace. Nomenclature like needle guns were a curiosity. Good luck!