Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Native Unit: semi-Tuaregs

After the first play test of the assault on Fort Khalaam (see previous post), we decided that the Haddabiera needed some more warriors. So I got busy with the brush and paint. In less than a week, I had a new unit of 20 native warriors. I decided to give them a Tuareg-like character with blue robes and turbans. Only seven of the figures had the lower facial veil so all the others also got one put on with paint. I used three different blues to give them some variation and to simulate the fading of cloth and dye in the hot sun.

This unit is composed of figures from the old Miniature Figurines Carolingian/Moor line. I don't think that they are cast any longer but there are similar figures available in the MiniFig Medieval range. The unit consists of six CM-7 advancing with spear, seven CM-12 standing with spear, and seven CM-6 advancing with sword. I added the Arabic "B" character to the shield using the special character font in my MSWord program, printing it in white lettering on black. A simple hole punch was used and then the circles were glued onto the shields and covered with Elmer's glue before I blended them into the shield using a flat black paint.

The banner is also made with MSWord, but in this case I translated "Allah is great" into Arabic script using an on-line translation program and then pasted that into a pair of cojoined rectangular cells. I then cut it out and glued it to one of the upright spears. Presto, instant banner.

This unit will join two rifle-armed units to form the Black Leopard Clan of the Haddabiera tribe.

I'm please with the way these turned out and how quick they were to paint. I hope the rest of the native infantry and cavalry reinforcements go as quickly.


Bluebear Jeff said...

They look great. A very nice unit.

-- Jeff

Andrew said...

I like the look too! Do you know when blue dye became common in N. Africa? I am doing some ancient Numidians. White tunics get kind of boring, but I don't how accurate it would be to clothe them in blue.