Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Between the Wars British and Chinese

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I completed my Between the Wars British "flying column" and also added some heavy weapons to my Back of Beyond Chinese forces.  All of these figures are Copplestone, from their Back of Beyond range.  Please click on the pictures for a larger image.

The flying column commander, a major, and his colour sergeant

Another view, showing the hand painted crown and chevrons on the colour sergeant's arm

The 1st Rifle Section, commanded by a captain, with a sergeant, corporal, Lewis gunner and loader, and seven riflemen

The 2nd Rifle Section, commanded by a Second Leftenant, with same other ranks

The machine-gun section with section sergeant and two Vickers .303 water cooled machine guns

The attached Ghurkha Rifle Section, commanded by a First Leftenant with his Ghurkha sergeant and corporal, British Lewis gunner with Ghurkha loader, and seven Ghurkha riflemen

I've had the Chinese heavy weapons for a while after purchasing them from Bobe's Hobby Shop when they were getting rid of many of their historical miniatures.  While I was painting the British, I took the opportunity to get them painted as well.

Chinese heavy machine gun team, with team commander, gunner, and loader

Chinese heavy mortar team, with two "active" pose crewmen and a "leader" (?) eating rice

Another view, showing the large mortar shell being held by the loader and the "leader" (?) enjoying his bowl of rice

These figures will see their baptism of fire in my friend Bill's game at Bayou Wars, our Gulf States regional convention.  Bill will be running his game at the Jackson Gamers table on Saturday afternoon, June 11.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Housing Boom

The past week or so has seen a housing boom at ColCampbell's Barracks.  The carpenters, masons, roofers, and painters have been working overtime to get ready for a game on Saturday.  Here is what they have produced.

All of these houses are sized for 28mm figures.  The roofs of the 2nd and 4th buildings are removable so figures may be placed inside.  The other two have non-removable roofs.  All were painted using various craft acrylic paints.

With the houses I already possess, I now have the ability to make two medium sized or three small sized villages for future 18th or 19th Century battles.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Two More Leaders

After my play test game last Saturday, I realized that I really needed two more leaders who were more in keeping with the commands they would be leading.  So I dug around in my 18th Century boxes and came up with a Britannian Ranger leader and a Gallian Indian Ally leader.

The Britannian Ranger leader is one of a batch of tricorne wearing figures I bought via eBay.  He is a French officer from Front Rank's American Revolution line (French AWF-17).  But painted with a green coat, buckskin pants, and deer hide mitasses, he has become the leader on my combined Ranger-Light Infantry-Allied Indian "battalion" for His Britannian Majesty's forces in the 'Murica colonies.  Re-purposing with a vengeance!

Another "find" in the 18th Century troops boxes was this Old Glory Indian.  He had been purchased as part of a batch of painted figures, so he needed just some touch-ups and selected repainting to become the war chief of the Gallian allied Huron Indian war band.

They will both see action in June at our regional gaming convention - Bayou Wars.  My game will be on Saturday morning (see the PEL for details).