Thursday, June 4, 2009

May's Painting Accomplishments

May was a very productive month as I labored mightily to complete the figures I needed for my Victorian Colonial games. I think that I've already posted pictures of most all of these. Here's a breakdown of the 106 Olley points of painted figures:

12 Pathan mounted warriors (24 Olley points)
13 British gunners (13)
12 British hussars (24) and dismounts (9)
1 British mounted officer (2)
1 Indian mounted officer figure (1)
12 Bengal lancers (24) and dismounts (9)

Plus the fort at Khalaam and 8 sections of gabions which are not counted in the above total.

Whew! And I have another 60 native infantry and 12 mounted warriors to complete in June!

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