Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pandur Battalion Tamnii Narod

Finally, the last of the units I painted in July has been photographed. This is the Pandur Battalion Tamnii Narod [Тамний Народ] of the army of the Duchy of Courland. Since the Duchy is loosely patterned after the SYW Russian army, I felt that a unit of pandurs to serve as light troops was warranted.

This is one of the three companies that compose the battalion. Composed of Old Glory Austrian grenzers, each company has one each of the ten types of figures in the bag. I'll be augmenting each company later with an officer and sergeant using Front Rank figures. The battalion will get a mounted officer (the Franz Nadasdy figure from Front Rank) who will control both the pandurs and the cossacks for the Courland army.

The pandurs get their name from the black coats they wear. Tamnii narod loosely translates from the Russian as "the dark ones."

They should prove formidable opponents to the Carpania jagers and freikorps featured in previous posts.

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