Saturday, August 9, 2008

Carpanian Dragoons - in progress

And while I'm on a photographing roll, here is an in-progress picture of three of the twelve dragoons of the 1st (Leib) Squadron, Hapnich Dragoon Regiment, Margraviate of Carpania.

Wearing medium blue coats with orange facings and tan trousers (patterned after the 10th Dragoons), these Old Glory Prussian dragoon figures will soon be joining the Carpanian army. I use plastic soda bottle caps to hold the horses while the dragoons are handled individually (not my preferred choice, but I've not found a better one yet). The biggest challenge with Old Glory cavalry figures is getting the rider to properly match with his horse. I finally carved and clipped each rider and horse to match and then painted a colored dot on the back of the horse and the bottom of the rider so that I can rematch them when painting is finished. I really wish Old Glory sculptors would do a better job in matching riders to horses.

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