Tuesday, August 5, 2008

July 2008 Painting, Part 2

Well, here are the pictures of some of the figures I painted during the month of July.

First, we have the royal family of the Margraviate of Carpania. The Markgraf, Friedrich Hapnich, is seated in the center. It seems his gout is acting up and he can't stand for long periods. His faithful wife, the Margravine Ruth, and her African body servant stand to the Markgraf's left. To the Markgraf's right is his African body servant ready with a goblet of medicinal brandy for the Markgraf's gout. While on the far left of the picture is General Kuhster, the Markgraf's Minister for War. They stand in front of the Royal Pavillion ready to review the troops of the Margraviate. These figures are from the Old Glory pack - "Fat Governor and Creepy Assistants" in their Pirate range.

Then there is the ruling family of the Duchy of Courland. The Duke, Yakov Alexandrovitch Pavlov, stands in the middle, flanked by his wife, Duchess Jamie and her pet spaniel, and his Minister of War, General Count Pavel Ivanovitch Alexandrovski. The Duke and the General are Old Glory figures from the Governor pack while the Duchess is one of the Old Glory Army pirate figures.

Joining the Carpanian army is the first of two companies of the Jager Corps Staffeld├╝nkel. These valiant hunters were recruited from the forest preserves of the Markgraf and will be excellent fighters in the kleine krieg portions of the Markgraf's battles. They are also Old Glory figures - Hessian jagers from the American Revolution line.

And finally, I applied the terrain effects to the bases of all the artillery pieces and gunners I currently have painted and mounted. Seven Carpanian guns with 31 crewmen and six Courland guns with 11 crewmen (more are needed) were prepared.

This example is the Carpanian 12-lbr with Crusader Prussian gunners.

The Courland artillery is also represented by a 12-lbr but with Front Rank artillery figures, including their gunnery officer wearing his cloak and two of their excellent artillery fusiliers.

Coming later will be a picture of the Courland Pandur Regiment Tamnii Narod.


tradgardmastare said...

Excellent work Sir! I particuarly enjoyed seeing your Ruling Family in miniature- what an excellent idea and great fun too!
best wishes

Capt Bill said...

Very well done. You have inspired me yet again...Bill

A J said...

A delightful pair of vignettes of the royal families! I'm inspired to do something of similar ilk for my imaginations.

MurdocK said...


The Carpanians certainly have some HEAVY METAL, one hopes that you have enough guns of your own to match such adversaries!

ColCampbell50 said...

Thank you all for your kind comments.

I do have a long term plan for troop acquisition.

The Carpanians will eventually have 3 x 12-lbrs, 2 x 8-lbrs, 1 x 10 lb howitzer, and 5 battalion guns. Their allies will contribute 5 more pieces of various calibers.

The Entente Concordiana (their opponents) will be able to match the quantity of weaponry once all pieces are acquired and painted.

But of course this will take several years to accomplish.


Fitz-Badger said...

Excellent! Yes, I like the royal vignettes, too. :-)

old-tidders said...

Lovely painted figs. I like the pavilion. The artillery looks ready for action.

I've just bought the Old Glory "Fat Governor and Creepy Assistants" pack, I'll be adding to my Wittenberg and Monrovian 'characters'.

I've used the Old Glory AWI jagers as well - they have nice action poses.

-- Allan