Friday, August 8, 2008

A 15mm Town Made from Paper

Several years ago, I made this 15mm town using various free paper buildings found through the Miniature Wargaming web site:

The buildings are glued to a base of masonite hardboard to which was then applied terrain effects - main road, side lane, flocking, a couple of bushes, and some small walls. The two trees in this picture were added for this battle.

We used this town during an English Civil War game fought last Saturday. The Royalists started the battle in control of the town with two regiments of dismounted dragoons. During the battle, the Parliamentary army assaulted with three infantry regiments (pike/shot) and one fusilier regiment (shot) and took control. They held the town for the rest of the game, effectively denying the Royalists the road to London.

A battle report will be posted on our group's web site shortly.

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