Saturday, February 20, 2021

And Some More Cavalry

First off, I've "updated" my second unit of Byzantine heavy cavalry courtesy of my good wargaming buddy Lord Sterling.  If you'll recall from a previous post, I was missing a figure and had four regular heavy cavalry figures in the unit.  Now I have the missing rider and four "new" super heavy cavalrymen on fully armored horses.  Please click on the image for a larger view.

The new rider is on the right of the front left stand, carrying a red banner with a silver cross.  He's a slightly smaller vintage MiniFig.
The four new figures are on the right front stand.  They are also vintage MiniFigs and a little smaller than all the others but seem to look OK.

I also added an Arabic style light cavalry unit to my Sassanid forces.  They are Essex Miniatures Arab Conquest light cavalry, #AEA-4.  I've given them a "desert" base color.

I haven't done much this past week due to the unusual inclement weather we've had here in Mississippi.  See my two previous posts for some details.  When we get water pressure back, I'm sure I'll feel more like painting figures.  I have some Asiatic horse archers and Sassanid auxilia infantry ready to be undercoated and paintted.

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