Thursday, March 4, 2021

More Cavalry and Infantry

I recently completed an Asiatic light bow cavalry unit and a generic Middle Eastern auxilia infantry unit for my Commands & Colors - Medieval forces. Please click on the photos for a larger image.

These Asiatic horse archers are from the vintage Table Top Games line still manufactured by Alternative Armies in Scotland.  I ordered them, along with some other figures, in late January and got them about three weeks later.  Pretty good service in this day and time.  These figures will be in my Sassanid Persian army but I have a earlier painted unit of the same figures in my Byzantine army.  One of these days they'll probably be on the same side.
They are BYC7 Byzantine Asiatic cavalry.

I don't know the manufacturer of these lads since I obtained them as part of a lot of Medieval figures several years ago.  They are unarmored javelin equipped figures who are serving as auxilia infantry for my Sassanid Persian army.  They are generic enough that they can be used for any force fighting in the Middle East. The shield design was hand drawn with a fine tip black ink pen.

The next in the painting queue is a Byzantine super heavy cavalry unit from the Old Glory 15s.  the casting is the BZ-22 11th-13th Century Byzantine klibanophorus.  Although several hundred years after the period for the initial C&C - Medieval game, they will be especially useful in the "Crusades" timeframe which is to be the next expansion.

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