Tuesday, February 2, 2021

More Cavalry for my Commands & Colors - Medieval Forces

I completed two more cavalry units for my growing Commands & Colors - Medieval forces.

The Byzantines added a second unit of light bow cavalry.  These are vintage Miniature Figurines Byzantine Cuman mercenary cavalry, D-373.

Their paint scheme is different from the first unit, being various grays.

And the Sassanids have added a unit of heavy cavalry using some of the Essex Asiatic horde figures.

I experimented with painting their body and horse armor, going for a reddish-orange hue using Delta Ceramcoat's red iron oxide paint.  I think it is rather striking, especially when paired with the red shields and reddened horse leathers.

Next up are four Byzantine super heavy cavalry figures to complete a unit and a another unit of sixteen Sassanid super heavy cavalry.

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