Friday, February 19, 2021

Frozen in Mississippi - Part 2

We are still effected by the winter storms this past weekend.  We were without electricity for about 17 hours from Wednesday evening until midday on Thursday.  Not quite as long as happened during Hurricane Katrina (Aug 2005) but distinctly much more uncomfortable.  Of course our woes are nothing compared to our neighbors in Texas.  We've also lost water pressure throughout almost the entire system here in Jackson.  So I've been collecting and melting the ice from our driveway for toilet flushing water.

This is the second round on Friday morning after first round on Thursday.  These buckets will melt down to just two of the large 5-gallon ones.

Luckily I have a metal bucket that I can put on our gas stove in order to melt the ice.

The roads and streets are starting to clear and will do more today as the sun is out in all its glory.  Temps are still just below freezing but we expect much warmer temps tomorrow and continuing into the coming week.

Us Southerners are just not ready or equipped for snow/sleet/freezing rain and below freezing temps.  My daughter told us yesterday that she's e-friends with a gal who lives up north.  This gal was jibbing at the South for not being able to deal with very cold weather.  My daughter replied that it would be the same as a northern state having to cope with a hurricane.  The "Yankee" gal responded that she saw the point.

But almost the entire country is dealing with this severe winter weather in one form or another.  I guess that Puxsutawney Phil was right a couple of weeks ago that we would have six more weeks of winter weather.  But for me, I'm more than ready to see spring!!!

Y'all stay safe, y'hear!


CelticCurmudgeon said...

I think that your daughter's e-friend was being kind. The folks you are referencing who live in the north from coastal Virginia up to Maine and Nova scotia do experience hurricanes and tropical storms. It's part of living in the northeast and we have learned to prepare for the worst. Sometimes you have to consider what might be a worst case scenario and deal with it. Just as a BTW, while we do not have tornados like folks in the central part of the country we have had two tornados - small ones - set down here on Long Island, the last one about a mile from where I live. Weather is unpredictable and dangerous and needs to be watched very carefully.

Fitz-Badger said...

Take care! Hopefully the weather and power and water situations get better soon!

People do like to brag about their own bad weather and such.

Ed M said...

I'm glad that you seem to be coping, and hope that the weather finally temporizes and with it recovery can get on and you can return to normal. As someone who lives in Northern New England and who grew up in Wisconsin, I have always lived in regions that have had the infrastructure for this kind of weather, but I would hardly find that reason for smugness or to snipe at the suffering and damage that is being wrought on fellow citizens in southern regions of the US where the infrastructure isn't equipped for it.

Sgt. Guinness said...

I’m glad you’re managing to overcome the deprivations Col. Stay strong and be well!
Sgt G