Thursday, February 11, 2021

Sassanid Persian Super Heavy Cavalry Unit

Yesterday I completed the second of two Sassanid Persian super heavy cavalry (i.e., cataphract) units for my Commands  & Colors - Medieval forces.  This unit is composed entirely of Old Glory 15s ES3 Sassanid cataphracts.  They were fairly straightforward to paint.  The lances were separate pieces of mild steel wire that I had to cut into two equal lengths.  A pair of wire snips made quick work of that task.  Please click on the photos for a larger image.

Here they are before I glued them to their movement stands.

And here's the unit ready for the miniature battlefield.

Sine the first unit is predominately red, I decided to make this one's color yellow.  I used Folkart yellow ocher for the helmet and horse plumes, horse reins, and riders cloaks.

Next in line are a unit of Middle Eastern light cavalry and a unit of Asiatic horse archers, both for the Sassanid army.  After them will be a unit of Byzantine super heavy cataphracts, which complete the forces needed for the Satala (530 AD) scenario.

Stay safe!

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David Morfitt said...

Byzantines and Sassanids are certainly appealing and good-looking armies. I read quite a lot about them some years ago but I doubt I'll live long enough to chase up all the armies that do appeal, though! Good work... :-)