Monday, February 8, 2021

Byzantine Super Heavy Cavalry Unit #2

Right at the beginning of February I completed a final fourth stand for a Byzantine super heavy cavalry unit (AKA cataphract/klibanophoroi) unit for my Commands & Colors - Medieval forces.  This unit is a hodge-podge of figures representing a hastily thrown together command.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

First, the entire 16-figure unit.

As you can see, a mix of four different types of figures.

And now, each stand by itself:

On the front right are four Old Glory 15s Byzantine 11th-13th century klibanophoroi

Next to them on the front left are four vintage MiniFig "Armenian" super heavy cavalry

On the left rear are 3 Essex Byzantine klibanophoroi (I only was able to get three riders in the group of figures I purchased on-line)

And finally on the right rear are four Old glory 15s Byzantine kataphractoi on half-armored horses.  These will probably be replaced by some figures from my good wargaming buddy.

So there it is.  Mismatched figures, but super heavy cavalry are super heavy cavalry!

Next up, a 16-figure unit of Old Glory 15s Sassanid cataphracts super heavy cavalry.

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