Saturday, December 5, 2009

Who Manufactured These Queen's Rangers?

I purchased four of these Queen's Rangers grenadier figures earlier this year after having been told that they were RAFM figures. Once I received them I realized that they weren't RAFMs since they didn't match any of the other RAFMs I have in either height or stockiness, being taller and heftier. But I don't know who manufactured them. Can a reader help me?

Front View showing half gaiters typical of American Revolution British dress and distinctive Queen's Ranger "busby" with half moon device

Quarter view showing carrying bag and short tailed jacket, which is typical of modifications the British made after being in the colonies for a while

The figures are all the same pose, slightly crouching which distorts their height measurement. They are about 23mm from base top to the eyes and 30mm to the top of the busby. If they were standing atraight, they would probably be closer to 26mm tall to the eyes. The bottoms of the bases had no markings at all.

Any help identifying the manufacturer will be greatly appreciated!


DC said...

That figure reminds me of a relatively short lived UK manufacturer - 'Wild Geese' - from the late 80s early 90s. It could also be Redoubt maybe..?

ColCampbell50 said...


I don't think that it is big enough for Redoubt. I have a few of their American Revolution figures and they tower over this one.


Hal Thinglum said...

This figure is from the old Custom Cast or Continental AWI line. Some of the later figures were scuplted by someone else and were somewhat bigger. I have some of these as well. Hope this helps - kindest regards from Hal Thinglum