Monday, December 28, 2009

Rangers, Frontiersmen, and Iroqouis Warriors

Joining Major Rogers (see yesterday's post) are the rest of his American Colonial Rangers (Set A from Conquest Miniatures).  Like Rogers and all the rest of the Conquest figures I've just painted, these were very easy to paint.

Along with Rogers and the Rangers, his command will also consist of six frontiersmen (Set A from Conquest).  These intrepid adventurers will mesh well with the rangers.

And finally, we have six stout Iroquois warriors (Set B, Conquest) to round out Rogers command. They are all armed with muskets and either a tomahawk, a round headed club, or a spiked wooden combat stick. Eventually I'll add another six Indian warriors so that Roberts command will have 12 whites and 12 Indians.

I'll soon be posting a picture of the interim Britannian commander of this band of diverse figures, which includes the light infantry, rangers, and colonial grenadiers from an earlier post.  I say he is an interim commander because he is a Dixon British dragoon officer.  He will eventually be replaced by a more universal looking command figure, part of a group of Old Glory figures I received for Christmas.

These will be the last 18th Century figures I'll be painting for a while.  Next I will start on some more late 19th Century Victorian Colonial figures - Egyptian infantry and cavalry, British naval brigade, and Arab opponents - for my annual Colonial game at the Gulf South convention, Bayou Wars, in June.


Gallia said...

Well done Jim as always. Happy NEW YEAR too.
Bill P.

Fitz-Badger said...

Nice work!

I'll look forward to your 19th century Colonials (as opposed to 18th century Colonials? :) )
I'm sorely tempted to start some myself. I've been building up my collection of "Colonial" movies, (replacing old vcr tapes with new dvds). Just watched (not for the first time) the movie "Wee Willie Winkie" over the Christmas break Shirley Temple, Victor McLaglen (sp?), directed by John Ford, music by Alfred Newman. In spite of it being a bit schmaltzy about Shirley Temple's part it's still a good Northwest Frontier movie.

VolleyFireWargames said...

I was wondering if you already painted or have plans to pint Tecumseh from the Conquest range of figures?

ColCampbell50 said...

I do not have Tecumseh, but getting some Indian personality figures is somewhere on the horizon.