Friday, December 18, 2009

Rangers and Light Infantry

After finally getting my first war band of Woodland Indians painted, I started on some opponents for them. First up were 9 Redoubt French & Indian War rangers.

I painted them wearing the black with blue facings uniform popular with some of the ranger units during the early part of the war. Although Redoubt sculpted them to be Roger's Rangers, these will just be a generic group until I can decide on a name for them.

Although they look very shiny in the pictures, they do have a matte varnish on them that gives them a warm satiny look. The Redoubt poses were very easy to piant.

They should be excellent opponents for the Gallian allied Indians and the Gallian colonial militia and Compagnes Franches de la Marine that I have.

The rangers will be teamed up with a small group of Foundry British light infantry. Now the actual figures are from Foundry's American Revolution line, but in my imagi-nation New World, they will be so uniformed just a little earlier than in the real-world.

These seven stalwart "Light Bobs" are painted as the light infantry of the 5th Foot, early in the conflict before they became corrupted by the radical ideas of those 'Murican bandits.

As with the Redoubt figures, these were very easy to paint, with the details being clearly defined and readily accessible to a paint brush.

I'm also just about finished with the last contingent of this little command, a squad of 4 'Murican loyalist grenadiers (see previous post for a picture of one of the figures primed). I'm basing their uniform on that of the American Revolution Queen's Rangers. Their picture will be posted shotrly.


Fitz-Badger said...

Very nicely painted! I like the variety of poses, too. :)

Do you think the Foundry and Redoubt mix well? SInce they are in different units they don't have to be exact matches. But I don't like to use minis from different makers if style, proportions or overall size are too different.

ColCampbell50 said...


I think that they will match fairly well even though the Redoubt are slightly larger and chunkier. I plan on posting some pictures of all three elements (rangers, light infantry, and colonial grenadiers) in one wooded scene after I complete the colonial grenadiers this weekend.

Like you, I tend to not use miniatures of different manufacturers in the same unit for my horse & musket period armies. But since this will be a skirmish unit, I don't think the differences will be that glaring.