Sunday, December 20, 2009

Charles Town Grenadiers

As promised earlier, here are the "unknown manufacturer's" Queen's Rangers grenadier figures. I will be using them in my imaginary 1760s-ish campaigning in the southeastern portion of North America, what I am calling El Capitania General de la Florida (with thanks to Jean-Louis of the Persipality of Monte-Cristo).

These four figures will be "brigaded" with nine Colonial rangers and seven Brittanian light infantry to form a Corps of Scouts for the Brittanian expeditions into Florida.

Although I have these figures glued to 3/4" (~20mm) fender washers, I think that I will need a slightly larger size, probably 1" (~25mm) washers since their bases are so large.

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Fitz-Badger said...

If you want to keep the washers as is you might be able to make the minis fit by clipping the bases a little. I've done that on the odd mini with a larger base than the washers I use. Of course, that only works if the position of the mini's feet will still fit, as it appears is the case with these.

Nice work as usual!