Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Victorian Christmas Tree

Continuing with the Mississippi Department of Archives and History Christmas decorations is our Victorian tree.

[Please click on the picture for a larger image.]

This late Victorian Period (1870-1890) tree is decorated with handmade ornaments common to that era, including gumdrop rings, paper fans, red satin roses, and cornucopias filled with nuts and sweets. Commercially made ornaments were also available at this time. A German tradition from this era involved the placement of a pickle on the tree. Legend had it that the child who spotted the pickle first on Christmas morning would receive good luck for the coming year -- and an extra present. Dolls continued to be favorite toys, with the decade of the 1880s marking a shift from adult dolls to baby and child dolls.

Tomorrow will show a Depression Era (1930s) tree.


Auston Jeff Butler said...

What an enjoyable read. Your tree postings have been rewarding.

Fitz-Badger said...

Looks like we're all enjoying these seasonal diversions (the various trees, Stoke's Santa and Christmas card pics, etc.). :)
Interesting and cool trees (looking forward to seeing the Depression-era one)