Tuesday, June 2, 2020

More Franco-German War Units plus British Marines

As May 2020 drew to a close, I hastened to complete several more Franco-German War units and a command group.

First up is the command group for the French 2nd Loire Division.

Composed of two mounted Castaway Arts French officers, one portraying General de Division (Admiral) Bernard Jaureguiberry.  Although an admiral in command of the French naval forces at Toulon, he was appointed as an auxiliary General de Division in the French Republican forces.

  The foot officer is, I believe, a Frontier figure.

This command stand also flies a standard French division commander's guidon to help the troops recognize him in the thick of the fighting.  Of course it might also be a "bullet magnet" for the Germans.

And the Zouave Regiment de Marche has added the 2nd Battalion to its strength.  Composed of 18 Askari Miniatures colonial Zouaves, they fit the bill rather nicely.

This is the "Zouaves advancing unit pack" offered by Askari in the French Army of Africa line.

To supplement the French 15th Loire Corps artillery, I've added another heavy battery, the 8th Battery.

It has three Falcon French guns (E-9005) [OOP] and six Castaway Arts French gunners.  I think that I will need to repaint the battery commander's kepi as blue with gold embroidery rather than red.  Oops!

And while I was getting the gunners ready for attaching to the bases, I had the loaders all lined up on my auxiliary painting table.  I then noticed that they seemed to form a "chorus line."

So I present the "Dancing French Gunners" straight from a stint at the Follies Bergère.  😁

As I got all these French ready, including attaching the command guidon, I realized that I had forgotten to put one on the Hessian 25th Division command group.  So here is Prinz Louis von Hesse with his command flag.

The colored dots on the back of the stand will help players determine which units fall under his command as they will have a corresponding colored dot as well.

And the very last unit I painted in May is a battalion of British Royal Marines for my 1813 "British Expeditionary Force - North Germany" (BEF-NG).

Composed of Miniature Figurines figures, this battalion (designated the 2nd) will join the 1st Royal Marine Battalion and other British and North German units in the fight against the Corsican Ogre.

And now back to the painting desk to finish the 1871 French Zouave Regiment de Marche's 3rd Battalion before flitting off to 1944 North Europe to paint some British and German troops from WW2.

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