Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Help Identifying a Manufacturer

Last week I posted a picture of the command group for my 1870-1871 25th Hessian Division, commanded by Prinz Louis of Hesse.  The figure I used for the prince was labeled on the bag in which I got him as "EXT-15 Baron von Gruber." 

But I have no indication of a manufacturer.  He is definitely a latter 19th Century mid-European mounted officer of distinction.

Does anyone have an idea of who manufactured him?

Thanks, Jim


GURÚ GUH. said...

Foundry Indian NW Colonial Sirdar/General. Is a high ranking afghan officerof 2 Afghan War.
Only one figure per box. Is a special edition.

David Morfitt said...

I have no idea about manufacturer but with that thick beard he looks like an American of the Civil War and the uniform has rather the look of full dress around that period too. I'm probably completely wrong, though... ;-) He's a striking figure, anyway.