Thursday, January 20, 2011

Britannian Provincial Infantry

Captain "Red" Green's independent company of provincial infantry has just joined the Britannian army in the 'Murican provinces.  This company was raised from "over the mountain" boys who have much expertise in fighting "Injuns and other critters" in the deep woods.  As such Captain Green has outfitted them with green hunting shirts and deerskin trousers.  The Britannian commander hopes that they will help counter the Gallian woodsmen and Indian allies (link and link).  They will be operating in conjunction with the Britannian rangers.

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Here we see them in all their glory, with Captain "Red" Green in the center.
The company is composed of one former-London Warroom (now Dayton Painting Consortium) Spanish non-commissioned officer figure as Captain Green and nineteen Old Glory FIW-13 Courier de Bouis [sic] frontiersmen.  These particular figures wear either a cocked hat or a slouch hat.  They are all armed with musket, tomahawk, and knife.  There are seven distinct poses which are shown below:

Three of the poses plus Captain Green (far right).
The other four poses.
Now that these have joined the Britannian forces, the Gallian commander will start to raise a counter-force of two 20-figure companies of woodsmen (using the Courier de Bouis [sec] figures in soft caps).


justMike said...

Captain "Red" Green eh? Shades of Possom Lodge and other great Canadian television.

flashcove said...

The second from the left in the second picture looks like Stribling "whn he was a younger man."

Bluebear Jeff said...

Red Green surely has a good supply of duct tape, doesn't he?

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Fine bunch, very "backwoodsy".