Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 in Review

In 2010, I painted 444 Olley points of figures, with each point being one figure, horse, or gun, divided into:

215 points of 18th Century figures, including American Indians, militia, Gallian provincials, and ship's crews and guns, plus the Britannian 5th Foot and a few guns and crews.

229 points of 19th Century figures, including Egyptians, Royal Navy sailors and guns, and Arab infantry, cavalry, and camelry.

In addition, I painted four 25mm ships (one row galley and three gunboats) for my Capitania General de Florida games and 100 Russo-Japanese War ships, predreadnought battleships, cruisers, and torpedo boat destroyers, to the tune of 48 Japanese ships and 53 Russian ships, for my two RJW naval games.

Finally, there was a batch of terrain items to prepare for my Sudanese Colonial game at Bayou Wars and for my Capitania General de Florida games here in Jackson.

Pictures of all of the above were posted here, on Col Campbell's Shipyard blog, and on the Jackson Gamers blog.

It was a busy year, but 2011 may be even busier as I turn on the steam for a French & Indian War game for Bayou Wars in June and even more 18th Century imagi-nation figures.

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