Saturday, November 27, 2010

Screaming Panther Clan

I just finished mounting the second of my Gallian allied Indian warbands, the Screaming Panther Clan.  These stalwart braves are primarily Old Glory eastern woodland Indians with a few non-Old Glory castings included.  These twenty five warriors primarily use a yellow ochre as their distinguishing color.

All of these figures were painted with acrylic craft paints, sealed with straight Future floor polish, brush "dipped" with Ace brand walnut wood stain, and then final sealed with Delta Ceramcoat interior matte glaze.  The matte glaze isn't truely matte as it gives a nice satin finish to the figures.  The pictures don't capture that finish, showing them much more glossy that they are.  I think that the light reflections enhance the satin finish so it looks glossy.  As usual. please click or double click on each image to see a larger picture.

The Screaming Panther Clan Chief.
I added a musket to his left hand so that he would be armed as are the rest of his clan.

The Screaming Panther Clan, in all their glory.

The following pictures illustrate all the warriors in the Screaming Panther Clan.

Five warriors in the kneeling, firing pose.
The center figure is not an Old Glory figure, but I don't know who manufactured him.  His size mixes well with the Old Glory sculpts.

A group of five standing, firing warriors.
The center figure is not an Old Glory figure.

The final group of five standing, firing figures.
All of these are Old Glory figures.  To get a little distinction in the blanket that the center figure is wearing, I painted on two darker blue stripes along both ends.  He has also retained the yellow lace on his tricorne since that color is the clan distinction.

A group of six warriors in action poses.
Several of these figures required added muskets.  The two figures flanking the center figure (wearing the green shirt around his waist) are not Old Glory sculpts.

The final three warriors.
These three got different colored tunics to distinguish them from each other.

Evil Warning Totem
The warriors who are included in the Screaming Panther Clan were part of a group I purchased on eBay.  The lot also contained this "shrunken head" totem which I painted dark brown to represent smoked and dessicated skin.  I also "equipped" the head with oversized front teeth to give it a fearsome appearance.

I can also use these figures in my Capitania General de Florida games as Southeastern Indians, either Allied with Britannia or with Asturias.

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