Thursday, April 2, 2020

Wings of War/Glory Storage (continued)

Last night I completed all of the lattices for the five boxes in which I will be storing almost all of my WW1 biplanes.  If you'll recall, I reported on the start of this project several days ago.

Here are the five boxes:

Box 1 -- Fifteen Allied Powers single-seat fighters

Box 2 -- Fifteen Central Powers single-seat fighters

Box 3 -- Mixed Allied and Central Power single- and two-seat fighters and bomber/recce planes

Box 4 -- Eight Allied Powers two-seat bomber/recce planes

And Box 5 -- One Allied two-seat fighter and four Central Powers two-seat bomber/recce planes

The planes that are not in these boxes are my four heavy bombers (two Gothas and two Capronis, still in their original boxes) and the four single-seat fighters (two Allied and two German) in the Revised Deluxe Set box, as well as my Snoopy in his trusted Camel doghouse, although he will probably ed up in Box 5.

These will fit in two one-cubic foot cardboard storage boxes with room left over for a box holding the control panels and rule books.

Now all I have to do is get busy printing and folding the maneuver deck and damage deck boxes.

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Jay Stribling said...

A good-looking and practical storage system.