Monday, March 30, 2020

Wings of War/Glory Storage

As I've increased my holdings of WW1 Wings of War/Glory biplanes, it has become quickly apparent that lugging all of them around has become prohibitive.  My current storage is two "legal size" clam shell document boxes plus the original boxes in which they came, all in one large plastic bin..

As you can see, I was using plastic 1/4" (~ 6.3 mm) H-columns placed just far enough apart that I could slide the bases and planes between them as well as keep the plane cards under each base.  But the planes were not perfectly secure as it is hard to keep the plastic columns perfectly aligned.

So I researched what other WoW/G gamers have done over on the "Wings of Glory Aerodrome" forum.  There were a couple of usable systems but in this time of "stay at home" I couldn't justify getting out to buy the components, especially as I fall into one of the "more likely to catch it" categories.  So I started planning to use what I did have.  My first foray was out of foam core but I quickly realized that wouldn't work - took up too much room and was difficult to cut and fit.

My second foray used a lattice of mat board about 1/16" (~ 1.5mm) thick.  That worked much better as it was easier to cut and gave me more room in the box I was using.  Here's the first completed box.

It holds 15 small fighters.  Eventually I'll have two of this type, one for Allied and one for Central Powers planes.  This "mixed" box has, from the left, three Fokker D VII, three Fokker Dr I, three Sopwith Camels, three SPAD XIII, and three Sopwith Snipes.  My Albatros D III, Pfalz D III, Phoenix D I, and Nieuport 17, 23, and 28 planes will all fit in this arrangement.  Overall I am very satisfied with this arrangement.

This is another view of the box showing how I attached the individual plane cards using a rubber coated paper clip.  The bottom is lined with a rubberized shelf liner that helps to keep the planes from sliding around too much.  I also have some thin padding that I'll use as well on the sides of each cell.

The other planes will go into three boxes -- one with three SE-5/5A, four Albatross D V, and five small two-seaters (Rolands and Ufags); one with eight larger two-seaters (all Allied); and one with five larger two-seaters (Central Powers and Allied) plus room for boxed maneuver and damage decks and bagged markers.

The boxes I'll use are by the Sterilite Company which I get at our local Target.  They are designed for American "letter" (11" x 8-1/2") paper.  I use them for troop storage, both 15mm and 25/28mm.  The interior dimensions are 12" (~ 305mm) by 9" (~ 229mm).  The lattice is 2" (~ 51mm) tall and notched to fit together.  The lattice fits into the box very snugly, preventing any lateral movement.  For additional security during movement I can lay a piece of bubble wrap on top.

This is the label of the box.  They are relatively inexpensive, about $7.00 (US) each.  The advantages of these boxes are they are dust and water resistant, have locking clasps, and will fit into a standard one-cubic foot cardboard box for easy transport.

I'll post additional pictures of the completed boxes once I get them done -- see link.

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