Monday, March 30, 2020

Prussian III Korps Artillery Completed

Today I completed the final artillery company for the Napoleonic Prussian III Korps.

Foot Company #19 of Historifigs (ex-Scruby) gunners and guns.
The rammers are hand-made from wire and glue soaked paper.

Foot Company #19 (of the Prussian Artillery Brigade) is equipped with 6-lb guns and 7-lb howitzers.  It joins its other three companies in the corps artillery -- two heavy 12-lb equipped companies and one horse artillery company.  The corps artillery was used to reinforce the combat power of the brigades (division-equivalents) assigned to III Korps.  Each brigade only had one company of light foot artillery like the 19th Company.

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Wellington Man said...

Greetings from far off NZ, Colonel.

I've been following your Napoleonic project with great interest. It's especially wonderful to see your Scruby/Historifigs getting a bit of publicity. Are these from the 20mm or 25mm part of the range?

Best regards