Friday, March 27, 2020

British Expeditionary Force, Northern Germany

Continuing with painting my Napoleonic forces for the 1813 post-armistice campaign in northern Germany, I added a company of Royal Artillery to my British forces.

Hunt's Company, Royal Artillery, equipped with 9-lb guns
[Miniature Figurines gunners, 2 Mini Fig 9-lg guns, 1 unknown 9-lb gun]
My British forces are (very) loosely based on the forces that were sent to northern Germany in 1813 after the armistice.  Most of what I've pictured below weren't actually sent to Germany but I've used "wargamers license" to add them as I own them.

Force Command group - Major General Archibald (left) and Colonel Campbell hisself (right)
[Archibald and staff officer are Der Kriegspilers and Campbell is an "antique" Airfix figure - painted by me]
Battalion of the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment, the Black Watch
[Miniature Figurines - bought already painted]

Battalion of the 71st Highland Light Infantry
[Miniature Figurines - bought already painted]

3rd Battalion, 95th Rifle Regiment, the Green Jackets
[Der Kriegspieler officer and bugler and Scruby other ranks - painted by me]
Battalion of Royal Marines landed from ships of the Baltic and North Sea flotillas
[Miniature Figurines - painted by me]
Luneburg Light Infantry Battalion, Kingdom of Hanover
[Der Kriegspieler officer and bugler and Scruby other ranks - painted by me]
Battalion of Brunswick Oels Jagers
[Der Kriegspieler - painted by me]

Battalion (-) of Corsican Rangers, transferred from the Mediterranean Theater
[Scruby Miniatures - painted by me]

11th Light Dragoon Regiment
[early Miniature Figurines - painted by me]
I do have many more to paint, eventually - 5 battalions of British infantry, 4 battalions of Hanoverian infantry, parts of 3 cavalry regiments, 1 Royal Artillery company and 1 Royal Horse Artillery Rocket Troop, plus a number of officers.  I'll also upgrade the Brunswick Oels and the Corsican Rangers to full 4-stand battalions.

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