Saturday, July 30, 2011

1st King's Dragoon Guards

The 1st King's Dragoon Guards joined the Electorishe Armee Thueringen late Friday evening after a forced march.  They got their baptism of fire at the Battle of Hesselbach (battle report to follow on the Jackson Gamers blog - see link at lower left).  This 12-figure squadron are Dixon Miniatures.  These particular figures do not have the "pumpkin heads" that some other Dixons do.

The King's colours are from the Kronoskaf SYW Project web site.
Colonel Bland, the regimental commander, leads the squadron in its evolutions.
These were nice figures to paint, with the details being well defined but not, to my eye, too exaggerated.

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Unknown said...

Col .... nice work on your figures ... Chasseur