Friday, July 15, 2011

Sachsen-Wachsenstein Heavy Horse

The first squadron of the Sachsen-Wachsenstein Cavalry Regiment has been completed and has joined the ranks of the Reichsarmeeabteilung Obere-Sachsen.  Composed of a mix of Miniature Figurines Seven Years War French command figures and Austrian cuirassier troopers, the squadron is uniformed in golden yellow coats with medium blue cuffs, lapels, and turnbacks.  The buglers wear reversed colors.  The regimental commander is Colonel Hans von Schlichternburg.

Oberst Hans von Schlichternburg and his command bugler

The Heavy Horse Squadron in a two-rank line

The Heavy Horse Squadron in a three-deep attack column

Oberst von Schlichternburg leading the Heavy Horse Squadron
They will get their battle inauguration later this month in a fight between the Electorische Armee Thuringen and the Reichsarmeeabteilung Obere-Sachsen, where they will be brigaded with the Courland Dragoon Squadrons Constantine and Mavromichalis.

The Horse Grenadier Squadron is just starting to be equipped and will probably not be ready in time for the coming campaign.  There is also a Dragoon Squadron planned for the regiment.