Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sachsen-Wachsenstein Horse Grenadiers

Well I got on a tear over last weekend and started on the Horse Grenadier squadron for the Sachsen-Wachsenstein cavalry regiment.  And they have now been completed!

The Horse Grenadier Squadron of the Sachsen-Wachsenstein Cavalry Regiment

These are Miniature Figurines "true" 25mm Seven Years War Austrian horse grenadier figures.  The squadron has twelve figures - two officers, two buglers, one ensign ("converted" from a regular horse grenadier), and seven horse grenadiers.

They will be deployed with the Heavy Horse squadron (most recent post before this one) and a to-be-painted dragoon squadron.

I've also started work today (a day off from my regular job) on the 1st Squadron, 1st King's Dragoon Guards of the Britannian army.  I must finish them by Thursday (tomorrow) evening so they can participate in this Saturday's SYW Imagi-Nation game between the Electorische Armee Thueringen and the Reichsarmeeabteilung Obere-Sachsen.


justMike said...

A truly hansome unit of horsemen. Your cavalry seems to be coming along rapidly. Funny how the prospects of battle will goad one into more rapid recruitment. Nicely done, and good luck on the weekend. - Mike

tidders2 said...

Nice cavalry

-- Allan

Unknown said...

Looking Good!