Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Administrators and Warriors

Trying to get a head start on the figures I'll need for my Colonial Barracks convention (link) game in early November, I just finished a few 28mm figures that I have had for a while.

First up are three Colonial administrators:

On the left is the Colonial Governor's secretary, in the center is a missionary, and on the right is the Colonial tax collector.

To assist the "helpless" native village against both the Colonial tax collector and the Zanzabari slavers are a group of traveling warriors, out to right wrongs and protect the innocent, all for a small remuneration, of course!

The warrior in the center with the multi-colored shield is an old Ral Partha figure.  He and the Zulu-style warrior on the far right have been painted for a while.  They are joined by the six Foundry native warriors across the rear of the picture.  Armed with spears and other hand weapons, their courage and fortitude will have to strengthen them as they will be facing modern Western rifles.  But  being a "white hat" has never been easy.

I'll be play-testing my modified Lion and Gazelle scenario on October 15.  Between now and then, I still have some African animals to paint and some more jungle vegetation to construct.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I suggest that you check out your local toy and dollar stores for plastic animals . . . while of varying sizes, you should be able to pick up some inexpensive African wildlife in acceptable sizes . . . and they will already be painted!

-- Jeff

ColCampbell50 said...


I already have many of those types - giraffes, elephants, etc. The ones I still have to paint are some former London Warroom wildebeest and gnus.