Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Red"Sonja at Margaritaville

While I was searching for a picture of "Frivolous" Fiona at Margaritaville, I found some of the other pictures that I took at our pirate game Saturday before last.  I commanded a band of scurvy cutthroats and ne'er-do-wells whose mission was to raid the Spanish church, capture the priests, and find out (by gentle persuasion, of course!) where the treasure was hidden.  My pirates were led by "Red" Sonja, whose sharp saber and sure pistol kept order among her men.  Here are a few of the pictures I took at the game.  As usual, a click or double click will enlarge these images for your viewing pleasure.

"Red" Sonja, followed by her bat-man carrying a cask of rum, encourages her desperadoes.
The sleepy little town of Margaritaville.  Fiona is at the left rear outside the red brick tavern.  The governor and his court sit on a balcony overlooking the town square where dandies, dandettes, and townspeople gather.  Notice old "Blind" Pew in the center with his back to the camera.
"Red" Sonja and her band of scurvy cut-throats and ne'er-do-wells slip through the brush towards the Spanish church.
Skirting a native village, part of Sonja's crew moves toward the rear of the Spanish church.
Sonja and part of her crew nab the priests outside the church as English Marines, Spanish infantry, and irate townsmen duel amongst each other on the plain below.  The other part of Sonja's crew cower in the jungle in the foreground, unwilling to risk crossing the open ground.
With some "friendly" persuasion, the priests tell Sonja where the Cross of Coronado is hidden.  With that in her possession, Sonja considers her mission a success.  But she and her cutthroats will still have to brave the English Marines, Spanish infantry, and irate townsmen, as well as angry natives boiling out of the jungle, in order to escape.
We stopped the game at this point since several of us had to leave.  Sonja and her band would probably not have been able to escape with the Cross of Coronado, but it was fun to be able to pose with it in a picture.

EDIT on 03/31/2010:

For more pictures and a complete report, see the Jackson Gamer's blog.

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