Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fiona at Margaritaville

The rumors were true!  "Frivolous" Fiona McGillicuddy (back to camera, with parasol)  was visiting Margaritaville Saturday before last during the pirate raid.  Was she just having her "Spring Break" fling or was she there for more devious reasons?  Only time (and some creative story writing) will tell.

Photo courtesy of "Big John" (from his blog, Nomadic Old School Gamer)
Stay tuned for more news of Fiona and her favorite "Gentlemen Adventurers" as they continue their journeys through the 'Murican provinces.

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abdul666 said...

Good to see our female hero ('heroines' scream and have to be rescued - certainly not *her* case) alive and well and active again!