Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gallian Canadien Militia Unit #2 and Pack Animals

I finally finished the second of my two 20-figure Gallian Canadien militia units.  Like the first, it is composed of one officer (Spanish from the old London Warroom, now Dayton Painting Consortium line) and 19 Old Glory Courier de Bouis.  These unit has gray shirts for a distinguishing feature.

And here are close-ups of the unit:

Additionally I finally put the finishing touches on two pack camels and two pack mules that have been sitting on my painting desk for ages.

These are Ral Partha pack camels, a generic one on the left and a Medieval one on the right.

And two pack mules, generic on left and Medieval on right.  I don't recall manufacturers on these as I bought them on eBay.

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