Thursday, July 1, 2010

Georgiana Militia Company No. 2

The other day I completed the outfitting of the Georgiana Militia Company No. 2 and they were mustered into Brittanian service today.  As I stated in a previous post about Company No. 1 (link), they are dressed in darker colors - dark brown, dark green, black, and charcoal.  [As usual, please click on the pictures for a larger image.]

Here is the entire company - one officer, one sergeant, one drummer, and fifteen other ranks.

The "firing line" half of the company.

The "advancing" half of the company.

This RSM-95 American militia 36-figure pack I purchased consisted of two officers, two drummers, 19 "firing line" figures, and 13 "advancing" figures.  I considered making one company all firing line poses and the other advancing poses, but in the end decided on the division you see above and in the previous post.

They will join two 24 figure battalions of Brittanian foot (borrowed from my friend Doc Ord) and an advanced guard (see these previous posts - link and link) as a Brittanian expedition into the northeastern corner of the Capitania General de la Florida to take possession of the post at Fernandina before it can be occupied and developed by the Espagnians and used as a base against the colony of Georgiana.  The battle is scheduled to be conducted on Saturday, July 17.

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