Thursday, July 1, 2010

Compagnies Galliens

After painting 36 "Murican" colonial militia, I switches sides and have begun painting 33 figures for two companies of the Compagnies Gallien de la Marine.  As most of my readers know, these troops were raised in Metropolitan Gallia for deployment to various Gallian colonies.  Since almost all the overseas colonies were under the control of the Ministry of Marine (the Navy ministry), these "Army" troops were also controlled thusly.

With the exception of the officer waving his hat, these are Old Glory figures from their French and Indian War line, pack FIW-22, Compagnies Franches de la Marine.  These are all in a variety of advancing poses. Half of them have knapsacks and half don't, which made it easy to divide them into two 15-figure companies.  I added three officers from the Dayton Painting Consortium's Spanish line (formerly of the London Warroom) so I'll have a battalion commander (the one waving his hat) and two company commanders (carrying muskets).  More of these later as they progress in their fitting out.  I'm hoping to have them completed by my first Capitania General de la Florida game on July 17.

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Gallia said...

Bon chance mes amis, Compagnies franches de l'Gallia! Nicely underway Jim. Well done!
Votre serviteur,