Friday, May 8, 2009

A New Letter from Scot's-Land

After another swift passage from Scot's Land, the following letter was received by Major General Seamus Campbell, currently in the service of the Margrave of Carpania.

Dear Cousin,

I have just a few minutes to dash off this note to you. Siggy and I are readying ourselves for an upcoming action between between the forces of the Britannian government and the Jakobite rebels. At present, we don't know whether another attempt will be made on the fortress of Carmudgeon or if there will just be a large scrum between the two armies. Intelligence received in the government camp indicates that two new clan regiments have joined the Pretender's army - one from Atholl and one from Clan MacDonald. There is also word that the Gallians may have sent some more reinforcements but that has yet to be confirmed.

I expect that by the time you receive this note that a fight will be in the offing. As soon as I can after the battle, I will write you with the results.

Please pass our felicitations to the Margrave and his family (especially my friend, Princess Buttercup).

Your affectionate and devoted cousin,



As Der Alte Fritz prepares for a Jacobite battle tomorrow (see Der Alte Fritz Journal ), Alistair Campbell and Siegfried Hapnich get ready to assist the government forces. Meanwhile, Count Mikhail Pavlov is doing the same on the Jacobite side. I think that it is probable that after this battle, our "gentlemen adventurers" will be returning to Mississippi to impart their tactical knowledge to their respective statelets.


Capt Bill said...

We certainly wish Alistair
and his mates well, but battle is a always a fickle mistress!

Bluebear Jeff said...

Beware of Pipe Major Sean MacLeod . . . he's the giant piper on the other side.

-- Jeff