Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More on Fort Khalaam

I took some more pictures of the progress on Fort Khalaam last night. As usual, please click on the pictures for larger images.

After I had a good look at the walls with the stone effect spray, I wasn't completely satisfied. So I sprayed a coat of the Krylon Ultra-Flat sand camouflage spray paint on them. I think they look much better but could still stand some more work. In this picture, you can also see the "crazing" that occurred when I sprayed the yogurt containers first with the Fusion and then the camouflage paint. I've left them this way because I think the effect enhances the feeling of weathering that a fort like this should have.

Another view of the fort from the side. I also oversprayed the hillock upon which the fort sits with the camouflage sand color so it and the fort walls seem to blend together.

Here is one of the damaged wall sections in progress. After cutting the foamcore and styrofoam down to create the breech, I cut out a piece of very thin plastic as a base for the fallen rubble. Using Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty, I built up the rubble heap and then added rocks and pebbles to give it some texture. Tonight I'll spray it with the Krylon stone effect paint and then tomorrow night with the camouflage sand paint. Later on I'll probably add some more effects to the breeches, but this will at least get me through the game on Saturday.

I also made a three tiered hill at the same time that I was making the fort's hillock. This hill will be the home of a Pressman Pirate set tower. There is a pathway that starts mid-way down the left side of the lowest level and then runs around to the front of the hill before making its ascent to the tower. The rear of the hill is almost vertical face that will be too step for anyone to ascend.



Bluebear Jeff said...

It looks great . . . and I agree about the cracks . . . they give it more character. And I love the look of the damaged wall section.

I also like your second hill and tower. Both appear to be very successful projects. Bravo!

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Yes, they're looking very good. The sand-colored paint works well here.